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3 Great Gifts That Easily Fit in Your Suitcase - XL Travel Blog

3 Great Gifts That Easily Fit in Your Suitcase

Posted on 20. Nov, 2015 by in Travel

Are you planning to travel to see a family member or a close friend?

While you travel to visit them, the two of you may celebrate a special occasion, whether it is an anniversary, holiday or even a birthday. If you are going to get a nice gift, you need to find something that is small enough to fit inside of your suitcase. If you are all out of ideas, try some of the different options below.

Cute Souvenir Key Chains

If you have traveled to several different places, bringing back a souvenir key chain and giving it to your loved one as a present is a great idea. Not only is the key chain small enough to fit in your suitcase or even a bag that you can carry on your lap while on a plate, it is something the person receiving the gift may use daily. They can attach their keys to it and always think of you each time they look down and see the key chain.

Travel Size Bath Sets

Bath sets are a popular gift choice because most people enjoy bathing in a bubble bath to relieve stress. If you purchase a travel size bath set with lotion, shower gel and a bottle of bubble bath, it will easily fit into your suitcase. Depending on the exact size of the items, you may not even have to choose a travel size version.

Small Jewelry Items

Most pieces of jewelry fit into a suitcase with no problem. You may want to shop around for a beautiful ring or a stunning charm necklace. After you make your purchase, leave the jewelry item in the box, place it in a sandwich bag for added protection and then stick it right into your suitcase.

Even if you are traveling, you can still come home with gifts. Key chains, travel bath sets and jewelry are all great items to consider buying.


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