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A Random Handful of Travel Sites Worth Visiting | XL Travel Blog

A Random Handful of Travel Sites Worth Visiting

Posted on 02. Apr, 2014 by in Uncategorized

Trip planning requires good advice, insight, inspiration, and solid details on the best deals on travel basics like flights or car rentals. The choice of the travel sites worth visiting is largely a personal issue, and there are a lot of good options for everyone.

The Majors

For travel booking bargains it pays to surf the big players, from Travelocity to Expedia to Orbitz and more to find bargains on flights and other details. Check reviews of restaurants on Yelp! (or Happy Cow if you enjoy vegetarian food, or other specialized sites you have come to trust for consumer facts). But, there is a whole world of the web beyond these well-known sites, so begin your adventure at home.

The Official Details: www.travel.state.gov

Along with helpful facts about getting your passport and other particulars in order, the official U.S. State Department site has a listing of every country in the world with the official view of conditions there. While the feds give you all the details you need to know about every country and region, it can be heavy on drama and exhaustive coverage of potential negatives. On the upside, it does provide a wealth of well-researched facts, and a very clear-eyed and realistic view of the risks and possibilities of world travel.

All the Details and More

With so much out there, how do you know which are the best travel sites worth visiting? The beauty of the web is abundance, so check out some or all of these travel sites and more:

www.thebrief.org – Useful reviews and insight into locations, rooms and restaurants. Refreshingly simple text and vivid visuals give a nice balance of information to inspiration.

www.adventure-journal.com – Check the inspiring “Weekend Cabin” feature for some deliciously vivid photos of dream locations, and enjoy write-ups of offbeat travels.

www.nowheremag.com – More travel writing than travel planning, but great for inspiration and enjoyment, and in depth detail about some places.

www.hotelswelove.com – Quirky and narrowly focused, features reviews on funky cool habitations in half a dozen major metropolitan cities in vivid photos and good detail.

So, with all the great travel sites worth visiting, start clicking on a few that catch your eye, follow leads to the next, and enjoy your virtual journeys.

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