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Benefits Of First Class

Posted on 30. Sep, 2013 by in Vacations

Many people do not want to fly first class because it costs more. However, there are a number of benefits of first class. Below are some of the benefits of first class:

More Space

If you want more space, then you should definitely consider flying first class. Most international flight seats are spaced 80 inches apart from one another. This is nearly three times the space forĀ  economy seats. If you are taking a domestic flight, then you can expect to get between 20 to 25 percent more space.

May Be Able To Get Discounts

Even though first class flights can be quite expensive, you may still be able to get discounts. Some airlines offer discounts to domestic travelers who are traveling for business. You can also save money on first class flights by accumulating frequent flier miles. In fact, you may be able to receive bonus frequent flier miles by flying first class.

Speedy Security Checkpoints

The process of going through the security checkpoints is one of the things that people hate the most about flying. However, if you fly first class, then this process will be a lot easier. You will be able to get through the security checkpoints quicker, and you will also be able to board the plane first.

Other Features

If your flight lasts more than two hours, and you will be traveling domestically, then you will be able to get free meals. Not only will you be able to get free food, but you will also be able to get gourmet meals that are prepared by a chef. People who fly economy are usually not able to get blankets and pillows, but you will be able to get them if you fly first class. Some airlines will even provide you with a laptop hookup.

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