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Briggs & Riley Luggage Offers More Than Good Looks

Posted on 09. Oct, 2015 by in Travel, Travel Accessories

When it comes to specialty luggage, Briggs & Riley offers beautiful pieces that will make anyone want to travel. They come in various colors and in various styles. The sizes and function of each bag offer something unique for each individual traveler. While they are great to look at, there is more to the pieces themselves that make Briggs & Riley one of your best options.

The Lifetime Guarantee

Briggs & Riley luggage pieces come with a lifetime guarantee. This promise ensures that all functional parts of the bag are covered when they need a repair. This does not just show the customer that if their bag is broken it can get fixed. It also says that they are high quality and that the manufacturer stands behind their products with integrity.

The Engineering

When it comes to Briggs & Riley luggage, they are engineered for use in real life. They contain design elements that real people need and want in their luggage. In fact, real customers have given input in the design and engineering of the bags. Each pocket has a specific purpose, and traveling is made easier with the innovative function of every inch.

The Care

Not only are Briggs & Riley pieces made with care, but they are easy to care for. Simply follow these tips and your bag should stay in great condition:

  • Store it properly in a soft fabric bag.
  • Do not sit on the bag.
  • With a soft wash cloth, gently wipe the exterior and interior clean with warm water and a mild soap.
  • Gently buff out mild surface marks with car polish.

Whether you are looking for a carry on, a messenger bag, a backpack or other type of luggage, Briggs & Riley is specialty luggage that is high quality. With good looks, a lifetime guarantee and impeccable engineering, it is easy to care for such a great bag.

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