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Double Check Your Packing List For Forgotten Objects

Posted on 05. Aug, 2013 by in Travel Accessories

It has happened to almost everyone, you’ve packed everything you need for a trip, get all the way to the airport and realize you’ve forgotten your cell phone charger, or even worse, your cell phone. Forgotten objects are the bane of packing for long trips, or even just short excursions.

Sometimes the things you forget you can live without. Forgetting your book may make for a boring plane ride, but you could always use the time you would have spent reading chatting to others in your row. If you forget your car keys however, that will make for a short drive. Hopefully you didn’t lock your keys in your house.

Some other things may not seem like a big deal to forget at the time, but can turn into a real pain. Sun block could be one of those items. If you have sensitive skin a whole day in the sun without sun block can be downright dangerous, not to mention painful, or even embarrassing if you turn up to an important event lobster red. Things like that should be replaced, even if it means spending a few extra dollars on your trip.

Other forgotten objects are absolutely essential, and if you catch it in time, you should go back and get them. You wallet and identification for instance could mean the difference between you starting your vacation successfully, or having to reschedule your flight.

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One Response to “Double Check Your Packing List For Forgotten Objects”

  1. Emily

    09. Aug, 2013

    Nice post! There are also the things you forget to leave… Your bosses car keys for example! Massive fail :-\ Lol. I used to stress a lot about forgetting things but I try to calm myself by saying if I’ve got my passport and credit card, everything else is possible… If incredibly annoying!

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