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Exploring the Luxury in Luxury Travel

Posted on 22. Jul, 2014 by in Uncategorized, Vacations

Travel with any major airline and expect the quintessential flying experience: cramped seats, pre-packaged foods, lost luggage, and sitting next to strangers. Often, you have to bear with the many discomforts of flying, including not finding the space to stretch your legs, in order to get to your destination.

Yet, even when you get to your destination, there’s the burden of having to make your way, pulling out the maps to find the destination spots, and yet again, having to bump elbows with strangers at hotels, in taxis, and at tourist locations.

What makes luxury travel so special is all the pampering packed into it. Flying on a private jet means cutting out the lines at the airports, choosing from extensive menus, eating meals catered by famous restaurants, selecting from a full bar, enjoying a movie database, sitting in spacious seats, having your needs tended to by more than one attendant, and having access to an executive suite in the event you need to work while you travel. Depending on the luxury travel you’re after, you might even have all your travel and logistical needs taken care and have the opportunity to dive deeper into your destinations.

It’s common for people to pamper themselves by buying luxury travel thinking that it’s going to be a once in a lifetime sort of experience. But often, many return not just once but many times because of the lavishness luxury travel offers. One owner of a luxury tour company told the New York Times in a recent article that “They think they are going to do it once,” speaking of her clients, but “eighty percent get hooked”.

A recent trend in luxury travel is to create an around-the-world experience, taking care of everything from the travel itself to luxury lodging in global destinations. Tickets can sell for $87,000 per person, depending on your level of desired seclusion. You can travel with others for a lower travel price or you can experience an independent journey. For instance, travel 9 days through South Africa, with destinations planned for you and deluxe accommodation, meals, expert guides, all entrance fees, sightseeing excursions by private car, and an African safari in the Thornybush Game Reserve. This is one of the many destinations that private and luxury travel can offer.

But luxury travel doesn’t have to be a flight around the world; it can be a trip to your business meeting, to visit family, to meet with prospective clients, or to perform at your next event. Sure, many who fly privately are celebrities, authors, politicians, and the wealthy, but that’s not always the case. Flying privately can be for anyone who wants to experience flying in comfort and in luxury.

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