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For Fun and Adventure Everyone Should Travel Regularly

Posted on 05. Dec, 2013 by in Vacations

Everyone should travel as often as possible to heighten awareness of life, stimulate senses with new experiences, and enrich life.  Whether across the country or across the world, there is a world of opportunity for those who travel; opportunity to see and do and learn things they never would have imagined if they had stayed at home. 

If your travel involves venturing to another country with another language, consider it an opportunity to learn some of the basics of the language before you go, such as how to pronounce a few simple words or more.  If you have some time to plan ahead, take lessons in the language, or borrow self-instruction recordings from the library or on the internet, and let the adventure begin at home with learning a new language.

Even if you are going to a place with native English speakers, the best way to deeply enjoy and benefit from a trip and enrich your life with travel is to learn more about your destination, both before you leave home and while on the journey.  In addition to stunning photographs of new vistas that you can share with friends, you will have some bits and pieces of new knowledge to enjoy.  Begin by learning some cultural standards, especially if the travel will be far flung to cultures that differ widely from your own.  Many books and websites detail some crucial customs and norms to be aware of as you set off, understanding that different countries and cultures have different meanings of certain common gestures or expressions that you should understand before blundering into other people’s lives too brusquely.

Everyone should travel, and travel should be equal parts entertainment, recreation, and stimulation, and it should be approached with a light heart.  It is likely that, even with some brushing up on words and cultural rules, travelers will make small awkward mistakes on occasion, but taken in the spirit of fun and adventure, the incident will usually result in some laughs and a good story back at home.  Whatever direction your curiosity takes you, whether to explore ancient ruins or modern cities, enjoy tropical beaches or hike mountain trails, the goal is to have fun and live life with the enrichment that travel can offer.

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