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Going Your Way

Posted on 10. Oct, 2015 by in Travel, Vacations

There is a time to pack light, live lean and do without in the name of adventure. And then there is your time. Luxury means having it your way, at home and on the road. Protect your investment in the ideal trip; these tips can help.

The One Thing You Must Pack

Never leave home for an extended period without a sense of humor. A sense of adventure is useful if you plan to meet a bear, but even the most fabulous trip can venture off-script when a plane is delayed, a meal order misinterpreted, or life simply throws a monkey-wrench into the finely-ordered machinery the best travel agent in town could schedule. The only thing gained by throwing a fit in these circumstances is likely infamy as an internet video clip. Be kind, understanding and helpful to those in the same situation, though, and you have created a good memory out of less-than-ideal circumstances.

Keeping Cargo Sensible

While this is not the time to practice Spartan packing, do not rush to fill your luggage with valuables you might come to regret losing later. Is the purpose of this trip to display your finery or to see the world? It is possible to carry all the fine essentials you might need in one or two modest cases, preserving your quality of life while leaving you relatively unburdened and free to enjoy the trip. Pack neatly, compress, compartmentalize. It will all come together nicely.

What Luxury Asks

What luxury asks of you is that you earn it each day, not through wealth but humanity. Be generous while traveling, not just with tips for servers, but with time and attention to the world around you. A great vacation can be had sitting at home reading a magazine, but when you venture out, engage with your surroundings. Look around. Make friends. The present is a gift. Keep opening it.

Here’s wishing you safe travels on your terms.


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