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How to Keep Holiday Travel Chaos from Sucking the Joy out of the Season

Posted on 22. Jan, 2014 by in Vacations

Whether you are traveling alone or with family members in tow this holiday season, ’tis the season for holiday travel chaos. With such a glut of travelers headed every which way via every means imaginable, there is really no easy way of getting anywhere farther than around the block with the dog. But that does not stop anyone from trying! Here are some tips for staying sane this holiday air-travel season.

Remember that you will have to remove your shoes and metal belt buckles when you pass through security, and it is these little things that can tip you over the edge when it comes to keeping your cool amid long lines and stressful surroundings. Holiday travel chaos can erupt from the slightest dispute among tired personnel and tense travelers. Consider wearing elastic-waist pants, or slip on shoes, to make this one moment a little easier.

If you have a baby with you, remember that you can check your stroller at the gate for no extra charge. Beforehand it may seem like your stroller is just a bulky inconvenience, but in reality it can be a lifesaver either for keeping your little one at ease, or else holding your coats and carry-ons while you chase after the young one as he or she scampers around the terminal. When the time comes to board, personnel will stow your stroller down with the luggage and the whole interaction is typically quite easy.

Naturally you should keep an eye on out for delays and cancellations, and pay attention to the weather not only where you start and where you are headed but also where you may have a layover. A good rule of thumb when booking your flights is to consider the time you will need to change planes, and the likelihood that your first flight might land late at your middle stop.

You may be tempted to keep your layover short to make the whole experience shorter, but this could also be setting yourself up for disaster if you miss that connecting flight, which happens all too frequently when winter weather is a factor. In your layover location you will likely not have any friends or family nearby to pick you up if you get stuck. If a layover is required, do yourself a favor and book your flights with plenty of time in between. Holiday travel chaos can be averted with forethought and patience.

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