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How to Make Traveling for Work Less Stressful

Posted on 19. Aug, 2013 by in Travel Accessories

Long gone are the days when flying in a plane was considered a privileged escape, where stewardesses waited on you hand and foot.  Today, air travel has become the norm rather than the exception.  More and more air travelers find themselves alternating between being stressed out and bored.  You can expect to do a lot of waiting – waiting to check-in, waiting for security checks, and just waiting around the airport for your flight.  If you do a lot of traveling for work, this stress and boredom can take a toll on you physically and mentally.  Following some tips while traveling may make things less stressful.

The most important tip is to never check in luggage.  This will save you time, and you also avoid the curse of the lost luggage.  There is nothing worse than having no business attire when your big meeting is the next day.  Pack the smallest carry-on possible and bring a separate briefcase or large handbag.  Try to put the carry-on bag under the seat, to avoid any last minute overhead bin scrambling.  Pack coordinating colors, wear or bring one business suit or dress.  Pack a few accessories, T-shirts and shorts for casual/sleep/work-out clothes, a pair of dress shoes, and a leak-proof plastic bag for toiletries.

In your briefcase or large handbag, pack things to use during the airport wait or flight, such as your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.  Make sure you have battery chargers, ear buds, GPS, and other electronic essentials at your fingertips.  Preload e-books, movies, or music to your devices if the wait or flight is long.  Keep all important papers/IDs in one compartment, so you do not have to fumble for them when in line.

Above all, when traveling for work, be thoughtful and patient with others.  It will make your travels much less stressful if you can keep a smile on your face.

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