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How to Make Your Holiday Travel Experience a Little Less Stressful

Posted on 05. Dec, 2013 by in Travel Accessories, Vacations

The holiday season is a time for fun, adventure, and in some cases, stress. Holiday traveling can be nightmarish because of packed flights, busy highways, and nasty winter weather. If you find that you will be traveling during the holidays, take a few precautions beforehand to save yourself grief.

High Traffic Days

In the United States, the end of November and the majority of December are filled with travel plans and holiday journeys for people all over the country. Knowing this beforehand can help you pick travel days that will be slightly less crowded. It is almost always less expensive and less hectic to travel on a weekday, rather than the weekend. This is mainly because it is easier for people to begin their travels on a weekend when they are not working or going to school. If at all possible, schedule the beginning and ends of your journey on weekdays.

The days directly before and after events such as Christmas and New Year’s are also high traffic holiday traveling days. You may want to consider requesting an extra day off so that you can return home on a less jam-packed flight or highway.

Being Prepared for Delays

Some of the most useful advice you may hear is to expect and be prepared for delays. Especially when traveling with small children, boredom can be a figurative killer. If you need to travel on the road in an area known for winter storms, check the weather forecast before venturing out in your car. You may need to postpone your journey back home, but it will be worth it to keep you and your family safe.

Finding Your Happy Place

When all else fails, try to stay calm and collected. It will not make a stressful situation any better to lose your cool with an airline employee or your fellow holiday travelers. If something is truly wrong, make sure to deal with it appropriately. Holiday traveling can make even the most mild-mannered people stressed to their breaking point.

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