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How You Can Reduce Stress From Holiday Travel

Posted on 17. Dec, 2015 by in Travel

Say “No” to Hassle and “Yes” to Happy

Holiday Travel | XL Travel Blog

If you have ever traveled during the holidays, then you know what a hassle it can be. Thankfully, there are ways to cut down on the extra stress traveling during this time can bring.

Skip the Flying Frenzy

The first thing you should know is to stay away from peak travel dates. Certain days, such as the day before Thanksgiving, tend to be even busier than the other days in the holiday season. Look into the busiest days before going on your trip, and if your plans have any flexibility, go ahead and opt out of flying on those hectic days.

Finding a Financially Feasible Flight

Taking a look at all of your options before booking a flight and hotel can help to save you time and money. There are wonderful apps and websites dedicated to helping you find the flights and hotels to best accommodate you and your family. Package deals can also help you to save money on your holiday vacation. The deals usually include a flight and hotel, but can also cover car rentals, as well. You would be surprised just how cheap some packages can be, especially during the holiday season.

Packing Prudently

Once you have selected all of your travel accommodations, the next thing you should consider is how to pack. The easiest way to get through security is to pack only the maximum number of bags allowed for carry-on. Then, you do not have to wait in the line to check your baggage. This can, however, become an issue if you are bringing any sort of liquids such as shampoo or drinks—remember that the TSA allows only up to 3.5 ounces of fluid in each bottle for carry-on bags.

Traveling during the holidays is never a fun prospect. However, if you follow these simple guidelines, it should cut down on unnecessary headache from busy airports, long wait times, and financial stress.


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