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Island Explorer: Hawaiian Activities and Adventures | XL Travel Blog

Island Explorer: Hawaiian Activities and Adventures

Posted on 22. Sep, 2015 by in Travel

Hawaii is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations for both American citizens and global visitors, featuring rugged and paradisaical landscapes involving cliffs, waterfalls, opulent tropical greenery, and jaw-dropping beaches. Hawaii is an isolated volcanic archipelago boasting an infinite number of tourist activities suitable for romantic couples, adventurous individuals, and tight-knit families alike. The problem is not figuring out what there is to do in Hawaii– the problem is figuring out which things to do.

3 Unforgettable Adventures

While the list could be drastically longer, the following are three recognized tourist activities on the Hawaiian Islands that would be impossible to not enjoy and remember.

1. Hiking the Na Pali Coast

Kauai features the 22-mile round-trip Kalalau Trail which is considered by most to be the state’s best backpacking route. The trail cuts through the Na Pali Coast which follows cliffs and lush valleys which abruptly cut off into the jewel-tone blue Pacific Ocean. State permits allow for five nights total on the trail, which ends at the famously beautiful Kalalau Beach that has a legendary beachside waterfall.

2. Whale Watching in Maui

Every year more than 10,000 colossal and acrobatic humpback whales come to Hawaii for their wintering ground to not only mate, but also to give birth and nurse their young. Hawaii is the only state in which all three of these events occur, making the experience as scientifically unforgettable as it is visually. Peak season is between January and March and there are many whale watching boats based on Maui to take advantage of to see this amazing event.

3. Volcano Viewing in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

This national park encompasses seven different ecosystems and 333,086 acres, including the Puu Loa Petroglyphs where ancient Hawaiians carved over 20,000 images into stone. Landscapes range from expanses of black lava to dripping rain forests, from steam vents from the earth’s interior to a 500-year-old walkable lava tube.

Hawaii offers an abundance of adventures for tourists and locals alike to enjoy, with these being only a few of the delights Hawaii has in store.

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