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Luggage Options 101

Posted on 15. Oct, 2015 by in Travel, Travel Accessories, Vacations

If in the past travelers were restricted to just a suitcase or duffel bag when it came time for trip on an airplane, those days are long gone. There are plenty of luggage options available to the modern traveler.


Of course, everyone still needs a good arsenal of suitcases for traveling. They should come in a variety of sizes and configurations so you always have the luggage you need. Here are some top choices:

  • Soft-sided: These classic suitcases have cloth exteriors with extra pockets and the option for expansion
  • Hard-sided: Recently growing in popularity, hard suitcases have fewer outside pockets but may be expandable.
  • Spinners: Incorporating soft sides or hard sides, these suitcases have wheels that rotate 360 degrees for smoother movement and maximum maneuverability.


Although their name would indicate they are worn on the back, many travelers enjoy using different iterations of this baggage concept. Some may be carried over one shoulder, across the chest, or on the back. Backpacks come in a huge array of sizes and configurations, which means they have the versatility to be used as both luggage and carryon bags. Some people even choose what is essentially a duffel bag but is worn on the back, or they might opt for a backpack that also has wheels.

Specialty Luggage

There is a vast selection of other types of luggage that are meant for their specific application. Here are some you might find available:

  • Briefcases: Usually meant for carrying business materials, briefcases are sold in an array of materials and sizes.
  • Laptop bags: These are generally meant to hold 13-inch, 15-inch or 17-inch laptop computers but also may be used as briefcases.
  • Garment bags: Used for suits and other garments that should not be folded.
  • Tote bags: Great for carrying lots of items but still being small enough to count as carryon luggage.

From duffel bags to spinners, today’s travelers have many options when it comes to the right baggage choice for them.


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