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Making History With Every Mile

Posted on 27. Oct, 2015 by in Travel

If the name Rimowa does not immediately bring top-quality luggage to mind, the sight of one of their grooved aluminum cases will surely ring a bell. These iconic bags show up on the arm of celebrities almost as often as other celebrities, owing to a rich history and commitment to evolving quality standards.

An Emphasis on Craft

The first Rimowa cases were built of wood in 1898, but designed to be both as physically sturdy and lightweight as possible. Why? At a time when air travel was being born, these were among the first pieces of “carry-on.” By the 1920s, steamer trunks with closet bars and drawers were going wherever fashionable travelers went. In 1937, Rimowa began making aluminum cases, and a star was born.

Continuous Growth

By 1950 the company’s first grooved aluminum case was in production. Looking a bit like a part of the airplanes they so often rode on, these travel cases could take a pounding and only come out looking better for it. They became the markers of status among well-heeled travelers, a sign of international reach. Moving into the present day, polycarbonate bags offer many of the same features while getting ever-lighter and easier to carry.

The Ultimate Souvenir

These bags pick up scuffs and dings on the road, plenty of them, but that accumulated wear never harms the items inside. In fact the best keepsake of all those trips may well be the visual reminder of them present in each scratch and bump. As of 1976, Rimowa’s waterproof cases have kept film and technology equipment safe in extreme weather conditions, and of course have made many hand-offs in espionage movies that much more thrilling. Free-spinning wheels and a TSA-approved lock have made them practical in today’s air travel conditions.

Rimowa: What does it make you think of now? See if this historic brand belongs in your travel future.


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