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Planning Your Wedding, Travels, and Clothing

Posted on 18. Jun, 2013 by in Honeymoons

Planning a wedding on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise the beauty of the event.  There are many ways to keep the budget low and the event charming.  An easy way to keep the budget low is finding elegant but cheap bridesmaid dresses.  There are many options when it comes to finding a bridesmaid dress that won’t break the budget of you or your bridesmaids.  One trick to finding cheap bridesmaids dresses is looking for a generic style that is fairly inexpensive and then adding personal touches to each dress to style it up.  Many brides-to-be like to incorporate some sentimental jewelry or fabric into the wedding and what better way than adding it to the dresses of your dearest friends and family sharing the day with you?  Incorporating the sentimental touch like pearls added to a dress will make cheap bridesmaid dresses look unique and fashionable. 

Another great way to keep the wedding on a budget is getting artifacts from antique shops that have unique character without the “rare find” price tag.  This unique touch adds character and a wholesome feel to the wedding.  Making these simple changes to the wedding planning will save you and your loved ones a little money that can be applied to something a little more fun, like the honeymoon.  So when your sitting out on the warm sandy beaches of Bora-Bora and decide to get those romantic couples massages, it won’t be such a strain on your wallet.

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