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Road Trips, The Best Way To See America

Posted on 11. Oct, 2013 by in Vacations

Planes can get you nearly anywhere in the continental US in just a few hours. In those few hours, you can pass over countless cities and towns and silly landmarks. You will fly above people you might never meet and opportunities that you will never have, or you could choose to slow down and take the classic Americana way, road trip traveling.

If you take a road trip, you are guaranteed to see the parts of America that most people just pass by; the strange, quirky landmarks or the beautiful, hidden gems. You could go lie on the beaches in sunny Florida or watch the wild horses run on Chincoteague Island. You could go solve the Vortex Mystery in Gold Hill, Oregon or chase the spirits in the Winchester House in San Jose, California.  America has so much to offer that you can never take advantage of in a plane.

Road trips are a rite of passage. Going on one before life ties you down is the easy way out. Doing it after you have children and commitments is finding freedom all over again. Nothing makes you recapture that feeling of youth like driving around, blasting music with the windows down, and heading to no place in particular. Plus, you can pick your traveling companion. You won’t be stuck in a too cramped place, being forced to sit closer to a stranger than normal boundaries allow.

Driving to your next destination will break-up your routine and make you live again. Road trip traveling is an adventure in a mundane world.

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