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Family Travel Locations | XL Travel

Plan a Fun Family Vacation this Year

Posted on 12. May, 2016 by .


With summer approaching, it is time to plan a family vacation that everyone will remember next winter. There are several enjoyable places to visit with children of various ages, and it is also possible to bring grandparents along to have fun. You can choose to travel to vacation destinations on an airplane or drive a […]

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Holiday Traveling | Xl Travel Blog

How to Make Your Holiday Travel Experience a Little Less Stressful

Posted on 05. Dec, 2013 by .


The holiday season is a time for fun, adventure, and in some cases, stress. Holiday traveling can be nightmarish because of packed flights, busy highways, and nasty winter weather. If you find that you will be traveling during the holidays, take a few precautions beforehand to save yourself grief.

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