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The Virtues of Forethought - XL Travel Blog

The Virtues of Forethought

Posted on 03. Nov, 2015 by in Honeymoons, Summer, Travel, Vacations

Heading out on a trip, be it by land, sea or air, holds the promise of opening a new chapter. Let your adventures be spontaneous, but never compromise on their quality by leaving the essentials to chance.

These tips can help you find the midpoint between fancy free and common sense.

  1. Read up. Travel websites and their rating systems are constantly improving. Build a solid knowledge base by surveying those who went before you. Eliminate overwhelming positives and negatives with the steadfast determination of an Olympic figure skating judge, and you will find an average that speaks volumes.
  2. Be a joiner. Not in the conformist sense, but do sign up for any amenity programs your hotel offers, even if your stay there is brief. It may entitle you to simple perks like a free breakfast, always nice when you want to hit the road with a full charge, and can sometimes mean access to the spa or other luxe accommodations.
  3. Okay, be a joiner. Getting away from civilization doesn’t mean the freedom to be uncivilized. Talk to people. Look around and get involved. If the thought of group activities makes you cringe but they are available on your trip, try one–just one–and see if perhaps your views have changed. If not, straight back to the balcony with a cocktail and stack of magazines. But remember, you left home to have an adventure.
  4. Carry gifts. Bring a few items with you with the intent to make gifts of them to people you meet along the way. Nothing tacky, but no need to break the bank, either. Just a few small items that reflect you and convey your friendship and gratitude to the recipient. Congratulations! You have virtually guaranteed yourself a trove of fond memories of this trip.

Bon voyage and, finally, remember to send postcards along the way!


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