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Top Airline For Frequent Flyers

Posted on 01. Jul, 2013 by in Travel Accessories

Unfortunately, it is hard to pin down the top airline for frequent flyers at any given moment. As airlines seek to increase their profits while cutting costs, the little things are often the first to go. The best airline for a frequent flyer today might be the worst tomorrow, so it is often better to consider the qualities that a flyer should be on the lookout for instead of the name of the airline.

The most important thing to look out for is accessibility. If you are using frequent flyer perks, you want to pick the airline that blacks out the fewest dates. Almost every airline has a few dates which will not be able to be used for frequent travel, so your job should be to check the calendar for dates on which you are most like to fly.

Next, you should try to pay attention to what an airline considers a “perk”. Checking your bags for free might be a perk to someone who travels with a lot of luggage, but probably not for a frequent business flyer. On the other hand, priority boarding might be more important to one flyer than another. Try to prioritize what you consider to be the best.

Finally, try to realize that the top airline for frequent flyers is going to be the one that rewards your most regularly. Be it by the mile or by the trip, you need to figure out how to get those rewards in the quickest manner possible. If you cannot take advantage of the perks, after all, it does not matter how good they might be.

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