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No Money? Use These Ideas to Travel On a Budget | XL Travel

No Money? Use These Ideas to Travel On a Budget

Posted on 22. Mar, 2016 by in Travel

Ready for a vacation?

Taking a break from life and travelling is a great way to re-center and unwind, but unfortunately, many people believe that it’s not possible due to a tight budget.

Plan your next trip and see some new sights while not breaking the bank with these simple tips.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

The best prices are always available months before your upcoming trip. Whenever possible, start researching hotel and airlines months in advance of your trip in order to secure the best deals.

Re-positioned Cruises or Flights

Cruise companies and airlines have to re-position their ships and planes several times a year.

During these cruises and flights, deep discounts are often offered. Guests still enjoy the same amenities and benefits, however, making them a great option for travelers on a budget. Call and inquire about repositioning cruises or flights and plan your trip around them.

Change it Up

Business hotels are normally packed Monday through Thursday nights while resorts are normally busy Friday through Sunday. Change up your normal plans to save money. Try staying at a business hotel on the weekends and a resort during the weekdays. Because they are less busy, rooms are often a lot less than they are during busier times.

Call Around

Though the internet is a huge convenience and can save time when comparing hotels and airfare, contacting the hotel or airline on the phone is often the best way to secure a great deal. Ask for a manager, explain your budget situation and ask if they can give you a lower rate.

Eat a Big Lunch

Because restaurants charge less money at lunch than at dinner, opt to skip dinner and save some money. Eat a large lunch at a restaurant that you really want to try and save the leftovers to snack on later if you get hungry. A relaxing nap or some fun outdoor activities are the perfect way to digest your lunch afterwards.

Pack a Picnic

For a light breakfast or lunch, buy some fresh bread, deli cuts and fresh fruit. Enjoy your meal outdoors for a fraction of the cost of dining in a restaurant, allowing yourself to enjoy seeing the surrounding sights, watching the locals and eating the simple, local fare.

Travelling doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-while experience if you are on a budget. With some creativity and careful planning, you can enjoy traveling often while still staying within your money limits.

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