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Tumi Alpha For Your Travel Needs

Posted on 27. Jun, 2013 by in Travel Accessories

If you travel often, you know how important it is to have the right type of luggage and traveling cases. If you have ever traveled and had inferior luggage, it can truly be a hindrance to your entire trip. The Tumi Alpha line has very unique pieces that not only look professional but each piece coordinates with the others, which means you can mix and match or add to your collection as you see fit.

If you take a trip overnight, you may opt for the travel satchel, which can also be added to another bag through the company’s exclusive ‘Add-a-Bag’ system. The material all of the luggage is made from is specialized FXT ballistic nylon, which is extremely tough and will last for many years even if you travel often.

Another unique feature to the Tumi Alpha is their exclusive Tumi Tracer, which is a 20 digit number that is attached to the inside portion of every bag and connected to the owner’s name and contact information. If the bag was ever lost or stolen, the Tracer database would be able to locate the bag and contact the owner for recovery. This is an added benefit and peace of mind when selecting the Tumi luggage line.

Regardless if you travel for business or pleasure, you will find Tumi offers something for every type of traveler. For instance,  the travel kits are compact but features many zippered compartments that make keeping everything organized and can hold quite a bit of items due to the way it is compartmentalized.


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