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What to Look for When Chartering a Jet in Los Angeles

Posted on 16. Apr, 2014 by in Uncategorized

Los Angeles jet charter companies abound, and clients can find choices confusing. If you are planning to charter a jet from Los Angeles, the following steps can make your search less stressful and ultimately more satisfying.

Know Whom to Trust

An Internet search will reveal many choices, but it is not always easy to discern the best ones, since most make that claim. Instead, consult a directory of charter companies authorized by the FAA or a charter broker. Both sources offer credible information that can help you make an informed decision. Remember, a broker is your employee, and your return business depends upon a quality experience. Therefore, you can feel good about putting your trust in a broker.

Do Your Research

Validating a Los Angeles jet charter company’s statements is fairly simple. First consult the FAA, and ensure the company is fully certified and thus authorized to offer charter flights. You can also investigate charter companies by examining their insurance limits. A high limit often means the company has been scrutinized, and pilots and mechanics are fully experienced. Finally, you might want to consult third party audits. A number of companies offer these services to ensure clean safety records, proper procedures and compliant logs.

Check It Out for Yourself

If you can manage it, take a trip to the charter company’s facility. Look over the aircraft, and ask a lot of questions. A reputable company will be glad to accommodate you, and you will have a chance to peruse the condition of the facility, the state of the planes and the demeanor of the mechanics and crew.  A simple tour can tell you a great deal about a company before you commit to anything.

Make the Best Decision

With so many considerations, choosing a Los Angeles jet charter service can be a nerve wracking experience, so you want to feel good about your choice. If you take a little time and find out what you can about your chosen company, you are far more likely to make the right decision, and then all you will have to do is lean back and enjoy your flight.

By: Jesse Cadena

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