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Where Business Meets Style

Posted on 21. Oct, 2015 by in Travel

There comes a time when a man must consider whether a briefcase is the right choice for him. Thinking back, that first time in a necktie no doubt left him feeling somewhat childish, in all probability because he was in fact a child. But over time that shifted, and one day he felt more at home, more of a man. It is much the same with this essential business accessory, and there are some compelling reasons to make the switch.

Attention To Detail

The ballistic nylon laptop bag is a fine, utilitarian item, but the only message it is capable of sending is, “There is a laptop, or possibly a sandwich, in here.” A briefcase, be it made of aluminum, burnished leather or waxed cotton, is made with attention to detail and shows its owner’s taste off with subtlety.

Staying Power

Investing in a briefcase at the outset of a career shows a commitment to the course. A well-crafted attache will live alongside its owner throughout the length of a career, and the scuffs and dings it picks up along the way tell a story that ends with an heirloom. Starting with a quality piece means it will be a companion and marker of professional growth.

Defying The Tide

This is an age when the word “adult” is used as a verb; the desire to cling to youth, to backpacks and messenger bags, is common to many. Setting aside transitory pleasures and disposable items takes a degree of bravery, a willingness to adult and own it. Backpacks are for the weekend; they still have a place in the closet. But when it comes to professional life, the path from office to boardroom is paved with small, favorable impressions. Let this be one of them.

Shoes and watches are visual markers of taste, but a briefcase speaks more loudly. All the more reason to choose one that speaks well of its owner.


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